Think cloud

Pacton Smart Hub devices run on Google’s Android TV and interact with IoT things, which are a part of the smart home ecosystem, bringing a good dose of fun allied to the simplicity of it all. Using the built-in Google Voice Assistant, you could simply say:

 “Ok Google, turn off the lights”

 and this intent will be processed as a command in order to turn off all your smart lights or light switches.

Of course, voice commands can be more specific, such as “Ok Google turn off the ceiling lights”, where the ceiling is designated as a group of lights or light switches that either control or are located at the ceiling of your living room or bedroom.

To achieve all of this, we had to create a smart home interface solution, which we call Think Cloud.

Think Cloud is not only able to interact with any voice assistant, but it also allows users to operate their smart home and smart things through an application, directly accessible from the TV screen or smartphone.

As a platform, Think Cloud takes care of your IoT network, which in our case is a Zigbee or OpenThread network directly connected to a multitude of smart devices, from light bulbs, light switches, doors, windows, and PIR to air quality sensors or thermostats.