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2.5Gbps Download speed Qualcomm Solution
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TDD/FDD Bands support
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WiFi Routers
Full coverage High speed WiFi connectivity for Home and Office
Instant mesh solution
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5G ultimate

  • Multigigabit per second peek speed make it suitable for ultra high speed access network demands
  • Ultra low latency make it ideal solution for live streaming, gaming and VR devices
  • Higher performance
  • Improved efficiency
  • More reliability
  • Massive network capacity
  • Increase availability
  • More uniform experience to more users

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lte cat12

  • Extra bandwidth
  • Higher availability
  • Better coverage
  • More reliability
  • Up to 6 times faster than CAT3
    • Up to 600 Mbps Download speed
    • Up to 150 Mbps Upload speed
  • Wide RF bands support
  • Ultra high performance on legacy 4G LTE network
  • Cost-efficient solution. ideal for low cost high speed network access 

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wifi 6 (802.11 AX)

  • Boosting the speed of the individual devices in a multi-devices network
  • Much higher speed limit than its predecessor
  • Ultra low latency makes it ideal solution for live streaming, gaming and VR devices
  • More bandwidth and higher network coverage on wider RF channels on busier environment
  • Compatible with legacy (b/g/n/ac) Wi-Fi devices

customized solutions

Competitive advantage in the marketplace demands some companies to acquire custom niche products with unique properties such as specific hardware or software features and/or their own industrial design that only that organization can offer. We are here to provide you the most efficient solution according to your needs. Our engineering team will offer full support for hardware design, software development, industrial design and even CKD production on your site.