SME Solutions

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are asking for more than just a basic network connection by network operators today! We need more infrastructure that can be delivered by network operators, such as reliable network connections, high-speed WiFi coverage, secure IP phones, stable and high-speed Internet connections, IoT services, and much more.

Pacton Technologies focused on developing and manufacturing specialized network and service delivery tools to meet the needs of SMEs. The main problem for TelCo and network providers nowadays is to improve service quality and provide better user experience with less network disconnection. This can be done by reducing the number of fault points. The cable connection in the user area (Home or Office) is one of the most important fault points. In many implementations, TelCos uses one UN and one Router to provide end-user support. This model not only raises the failure point on the user side, but also increases the cost of CAPEX as well as customer service and maintenance. Our SME Routers are fitted with a GEPON / EPON Fiber link option to reduce service fault points and make service installation seamless.

Small Business Router

Medium Business Router

High Speed WiFi Mesh

5G / LTE CAT12 Instant Connect