The dream of a real-time wireless network on the 5 G network has come true. Have a look at the experience of our new high-end 5 G routers for Business and Online Gaming. If you want to provide high-end services to your customers, these routers are just for you. Pacton Technologies provides a variety of high-end routers and network devices to connect your customers to your 5G high-speed zero-latency network. All devices fitted with high-speed 5Ghz AC WiFi as well as GbE ports. 5G routers are providing also with WiFi mesh solution fitted to the speed and low latency which requires for SME and Online Gaming. 

5G instant connect devices, is providing for the customer who they need to connect to 5G network seamlessly and independently. 5G instant connect is a simple fast router with GbE which designed to directly connect PC, Laptop, Game Consoles, etc to 5G network without any configuration.